The village was around year 1300 to German right out law. In 19. Century in the village and its environment pre and earlyhistorical finds had been made.
The church was mentioned for the first time documentary 1524. In the year 1747 the Evangelist church was again established, whereby altar and pulpit from that were taken over old church. One of the two church-bells carried the year 1614. In the church there was also beautiful baptism gel, similarly as in Pangau.
The church had become into the Gegenreformation a refuge church for the Evangelist from Syców. Letzer Evangelist minister in Radzowice (Reesewitz) was Fritz Helbig.
In Radzowice (Reesewitz) an Evangelist municipality sister (Diakonisse) was active, and there was a municipality kindergarten.
After World War II the first settlers appear in 1945. Immigrant population mainly comes from the area Dynów, Dylągowa and Dąbrówki from the area of ??Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Province today). To this group also they joined the settlement inhabitants of other Polish regions, including of Lublin, Wielkopolska and the central Polish.
In 1946 the local school starts operating.
In the village soon were integrated local people. In 1948. It created Voluntary Fire Brigade in Radzowicach.